I’m baaaaaaacckk!

Finally!! I know! Fall hit with a vengeance and life was fuller than I knew how to handle. Something had to fall by the wayside and I’m sorry to say it was the blog. But here I am.

So, I’ll post a slew up updates and photos and such but before I do, a rant/commentary/review on a some kitchen items recently purchased…

First up: Babycakes donut maker…It looks and works like a waffle maker, so the adorable little, fattening confections are a little less, well…fattening. Hurray for that! They’re ready relatively quickly (I’d say under 10 min) and the Sour Cream donuts rolled in cinnamon sugar are to DIE for!!!! They’re so light and fluffy they almost fall apart before you get them in your mouth. mmmm…so good. The buttermilk spice in their little recipe book, also good, but different and a heavier donut. In my book, this little appliance gets a 5 out of 5 stars. Totally worth the $15 we paid for it!

Second: Kitchenaid’s 600W Professional Mixer with a 6 quart bowl in a gorgeous cherry red. I was in love! I’ve been wanting a new mixer for a few years and had always dreamt about which color to get, though I always went back to the red. Thanks to a kind sister-in-law with a great discount, we got this baby for almost 1/2 of what it actually costs retail. Woo hoo! I loved that it had a gradual start when you turn on the mixer and the splash/pour shield was awesome for us messy cooks and bakers. It made whipping cream and cookie dough without a breaking a sweat. Then one day…I got around to making bread. The instructions/features on this “Pro” mixer say it can handle 11 cups of flour and it has a “power knead” dough hook. It advises that you don’t turn the mixer up past “2” when using the dough hook. Ok-got it. So, I get my bread to the kneading point. I only have to let it knead for about 10 min, maybe a little less since this sucker is so powerful. It started to make a funny, straining noise, so I call Ammon upstairs. He tells me the manual says it might do that when doing bread. Then I smell a funny smell. Oh, it’s the first time you’ve really worked it, it’s just the grease in there. Ok. Then at the 4 min mark-BOOM! Smoke comes pouring out of my mixer and the whole thing shuts off!!!! And won’t start again. I do a little research and discover that this is a common problem among breadmakers using this mixer. Some have replaced it two and three times!! Ummm….I don’t think so!!!! Back to QVC it goes and hello-Bosch! The Bosch maybe ugly, so it’s not sitting on my counter, but I bet you $400 it doesn’t break the first time I make bread!

Third: SodaStream pop machine. Love it! Ammon bought all kinds of extracts to make his own concoctions. My favorites are birchbeer (like root beer, just has more of a licorice taste) and his lemon vanilla cream soda. YUM! This machine is super easy to use and really versatile. Great buy!

Okay, I’m done now. I’ll get to what you really care about…..the pictures.