For New Years, we had planned to have a party with a bunch of people. We did one last year and it was tons of fun! Kevin, however had other plans and decided to spread the house with barfy germs…We still ended up having one couple over who were brave enough to come into the germ-infested house;) We realized when they were here, that we’d never gotten together just us and no kids! We had a great evening…good way to start off the new year.

Highlights of the month:

*Mom’s Birthday!


*Photoshoot with Kar-Kar in preparation for her going off to “college”

*Tasha participated in a learn to ski program through the school and LOVED it!!! Wish I had a picture, but I wasn’t there. I do know that she was able to start using the real chair lift instead of just the “magic carpet” and she can’t wait to ski again!
*I discovered that Kitchenaid Mixers are terrible at making bread and sent my brand-new, shiny red beauty back to the store. Sniff…Bosch, here I come!
*Karen the service dog in training said goodbye
This is Tasha’s class. I volunteer bi-monthly and would bring Karen with me
Just because we like to torture our dogs! (just kidding!)
Tashy and Karen the morning of Karen’s departure
Karen posing for her last picture with us, in the hotel. Waiting for her ride to California…she should be there now!