Tasha News

I’d like to say I’m great about writing down the cute/funny things the kids say in some other source (’cause we all know I haven’t been doing a bang-up job on here!). But, I’m not. So, here’s one fun moment with Tasha and some exciting news to go along with it.

The other night at the dinner table, one of the kids said they’d take all my money, to which Ammon replied, “She doesn’t have any money.” Tasha retorts back, “That’s right. You make it and Mom spends it. Except Mom buys healthy stuff and you buy junk!”

On another note, in Tasha’s third grade class, each student had a project assignment to study their heritage and present it to class in a power point presentation (in 3rd grade????!). Tasha focused on her French ancestry. Her teacher chose a few students who did an outstanding job to present their work to the school board tonight and Tasha was one of them! I wasn’t sure if she’d want to do it because she can be shy in front of a bunch of people, but she’s excited for it! Go Tashy!