Lost Kitty

Tasha’s precious Annabel went missing for about a week and a half. We had prayed and prayed she would return. We looked and put up posters and spent hours searching to no avail. Tasha even fasted and prayed for a whole day for her little kitty. Up here, there are coyotes, bobcats, hawks, bears and mountain lions galore. We were starting to think she was gone for good. During this time we also had rainstorms almost daily and one snow/hailstorm.

We had a false alarm on Saturday. Someone thought they saw her and we rushed to where they said she was and searched for an hour. Nothing! They called back later and said it belonged to someone else. =(

Then Sunday, we got the answer to our prayers! A kind elderly woman called and said she had Annabel at her house. I flew down to her home and sure enough, scared and dirty and skinny was our Annabel! One shower, a lot of food and water and lots of love later, she’s doing fine. It’ll be a while before she gets to go outside again since her body seems weak and worn. We’re so glad to have her back-Tasha most of all!

Granted, the other photo was a lot closer, but she’s lost at least 4 lbs! Poor kitty!

The kicker is that 2 hours after she returned home, our lazy Garfield cat that never leaves the deck or garage is MISSING! (there’s a nasty stray cat around here that we think is fighting our kitties off)

Rocky Playdate

Rocky had a new friend over to play last week!

They had fun!

His name is Denali. We borrowed him from friends for the afternoon. Isn’t he darling?!

It took them a while to figure out how to play together since Rocky outweighs Denali by about 30 lbs. They got it eventually though!


Ammon and I recently celebrated our 11th anniversary! Hard to believe, but it’s true! We decided that even if we don’t do something big each year, that we at least need to get away over the weekend just to spend some time to be a couple and not parents.

This year, we returned to our honeymoon destination, which also happens to be the next town to ours…Ouray. We treated ourselves to massages, checked into our adorable honeymoon bed and breakfast, The China Clipper Inn and started to relax. First, dinner at a great local Mexican restaurant. Then a stop to our favorite Chocolate Shop. Relaxing in the hot tub, eating ourselves silly and watching our favorite shows with no interruptions. Heaven.

All dressed up for dinner

Saturday, we awoke (late) to my favorite breakfast…Eggs Benedict and oven roasted asparagus! Yum!!! After breakfast, we took a nap! Are we lazy or what?! Then we took a ride on Ammon’s motorcycle to Silverton, a small mining town and did a little shopping. Then back home. It’s amazing how a day and half can seem like a week when there are no kids around 😉

A lookout spot on the way

My hot biker husband! =)

View on the drive….too bad I don’t have a zoom on my iphone. These mountains look far away, but they seemed like they were right beside us!

Art Show

A few weeks ago, the kids had an art show at school where certain pieces of art & writing were showcased from each grade. It was so fun to see their creativity in action! Here are pieces of Tasha and Kevin’s work that I love:

Fishy bowl out of clay-love the colors!

Self-portrait and self-definition. Great job Tashy!


Kevin’s eye has been bugging him for a while, especially while reading. He’d end up rubbing it and saying it hurt and was blurry. Off to the eye doctor and he came out with a very mild prescription and these new glasses (which he loves!):

I look they look pretty snazzy, myself!

Camping out…in

Since we weren’t able to follow through on our Spring break plans due to illness, we tried to make our break at home as fun as possible. One of the requests from the kids was that we have a campout…..in the family room. We’ve done this once before and they loved it.

Ammon tending to the fire…getting ready for s’mores. Annika enjoyed her hot dogs & chips. Healthy, no?

After dinner, we snuggled up and watched a few shows. Ya, I know you can’t do that when camping, but it was fun anyways. Even Rocky camped out!


Too bad Annika developed a nasty cough and hacked all night long, in conjunction with Rocky’s running to the bathroom every hour (translation: Lauren getting out of bed and letting him outside…standing in the freezing cold waiting for him to be done). It wasn’t the most enjoyable sleep I’ve ever had. Almost like having a newborn. But the before the sleeping part was great!

Character Day

Our Elementary School Student Council does a great job at providing fun ways for the children to give back to the community. They’ve come up with all kinds of creative “days” at school where the kids donate .75 to wear their pjs, or do crazy hair, or mustache day, etc, etc. This day, Book Character Day was my fav.

Can you guess?

When she got to school, a friend had brought her a boa and a tiara to add to her costume. She was Fancy Nancy.

Big. Red. Dog. He’s Clifford!


Annika wasn’t ready on time to have her picture taken, but she was Pinkalicious!

Egg Hunt Extravaganza!

We enjoyed two egg hunts this year. Our bunny always comes the day after Easter so we can focus on the Savior since Easter is really all to do with Him; His atonement and resurrection. This year, we had a hunt & bbq on Saturday hosted by Annika’s Primary teachers. Then we had our own hunt at our house on Monday.

Holy Eggs, Batman!!!

This was just the one hunt! Yes, they got spoiled….and LOVED IT!