Camping out…in

Since we weren’t able to follow through on our Spring break plans due to illness, we tried to make our break at home as fun as possible. One of the requests from the kids was that we have a campout… the family room. We’ve done this once before and they loved it.

Ammon tending to the fire…getting ready for s’mores. Annika enjoyed her hot dogs & chips. Healthy, no?

After dinner, we snuggled up and watched a few shows. Ya, I know you can’t do that when camping, but it was fun anyways. Even Rocky camped out!


Too bad Annika developed a nasty cough and hacked all night long, in conjunction with Rocky’s running to the bathroom every hour (translation: Lauren getting out of bed and letting him outside…standing in the freezing cold waiting for him to be done). It wasn’t the most enjoyable sleep I’ve ever had. Almost like having a newborn. But the before the sleeping part was great!

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