Lost Kitty

Tasha’s precious Annabel went missing for about a week and a half. We had prayed and prayed she would return. We looked and put up posters and spent hours searching to no avail. Tasha even fasted and prayed for a whole day for her little kitty. Up here, there are coyotes, bobcats, hawks, bears and mountain lions galore. We were starting to think she was gone for good. During this time we also had rainstorms almost daily and one snow/hailstorm.

We had a false alarm on Saturday. Someone thought they saw her and we rushed to where they said she was and searched for an hour. Nothing! They called back later and said it belonged to someone else. =(

Then Sunday, we got the answer to our prayers! A kind elderly woman called and said she had Annabel at her house. I flew down to her home and sure enough, scared and dirty and skinny was our Annabel! One shower, a lot of food and water and lots of love later, she’s doing fine. It’ll be a while before she gets to go outside again since her body seems weak and worn. We’re so glad to have her back-Tasha most of all!

Granted, the other photo was a lot closer, but she’s lost at least 4 lbs! Poor kitty!

The kicker is that 2 hours after she returned home, our lazy Garfield cat that never leaves the deck or garage is MISSING! (there’s a nasty stray cat around here that we think is fighting our kitties off)

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