While my other two kiddies started school on Monday (back to school photos to come soon), Annika doesn’t start Kinder till Tuesday…something about testing and blah, blah, blah. So, I’ve had the true joy of having my “baby” home with me this week. Who knows when I’ll have the chance to spend 4 entire days just with her? Probably never! Really…’cause with four other people around, chances are slim.

Yesterday Annika informed me that she and Samantha (AG doll) were on their way to Texas for homemade ice cream…oh, and French hot dogs! (Do the french eat hot dogs? Doubtful!) And just to make things interesting, apparently, according to Annika, these French hot dogs and homemade ice cream are made by Japanese people. Japanese Texans….

Today in the car, Tasha told me that she and three of her friends want to be Annika’s 4th grade reading buddy. Annika didn’t miss a beat, remarking, “Is it because I’m so cute?!” LOL (Yup, that must be it!)

Tonight while Annika was showering, I walked in to check on her and reminded her to wash her hair and rinse off to which she replied, “You got it, girl!”

So. Much. Personality. In. One. Body!!!! =) Love this girl!

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