Here are some fun shots from our summer activities:

photo (2)


Do ya think she has enough stuffed animals?!!! Please, oh please, no one buy her anymore!

lizard (1)

I forget his name…I tried to name him Fred…it didn’t fly. Kevin found him outside somewhere and kept him in a box for a while. He even survived our kitty-cats beady eyes and quick paws. We let him go eventually.

tashoscar (1)


This is Garfield…ahem, I mean Oscar. He’s our squishy, hungry, lazy ball of full that loves to be held like a baby.

teethannika (1)

After her trip to the dentist to have her teeth cleaned….maybe I should get a new dentist?!

chubbycheeks (1)


Chubby cheeker!

Annikahelmethead (1)


Cute outfit, isn’t it?


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