Last Summer Update

I know, I should’ve done this in the summer! But hey, life gets busy!

tireswing (1)

kidsbedjunction (1)


We tried to go camping the first weekend in August, but the weather didn’t want to cooperate with us. We had the kids all pumped up to go, so we decided a min-vacation in Grand Junction was in order. We stayed at the cheapest hotel we could find, which actually was just fine. Dinner at Old Chicago, Smurfs 2 at the theater, then to bed for us! The next day, Ammon had some training to go to, so the kids and I swam in the pool, played at the park and shopped at the mall till he was done. After that, we went to CherryBerry Yogurt, a self-serve yogurt bar-AWESOME! I loved it! Then we headed home.

annikapuzzle (1)

One of Annika’s birthday presents. She’s getting to be an expert puzzle-putter-together-er….

grammyannika (1)

Annika and Grammy on her real birthday


One afternoon we had the opportunity to visit some miniature horses. This is the baby…Mercedes.





Mercedes loved Kevin!

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