Newest Member of our Family

For those who haven’t heard, we sold Jack the Jeep last month.  It was a difficult parting, but we knew it was what we needed to do.  To replace him, Ammon got a ride to Denver a few weeks ago to pickup the newest member of our family – Scarlet.  Red wasn’t Ammon’s first choice of color, but none of the other colors looked as good, so he went with red.  And of course she has a standard transmission – none of that automajic stuff for us! 🙂

In case you don’t recognize her, she is a 2014 Mazda6 Touring.  And the best thing about her – she gets almost 40 mpg on the highway!  Although driving around town, we only average 35 mpg.  (which is  almost 3x better than we got with Jack and about double what we get with Lizzy!)



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Happy 8th Birthday, Kevin!!!!

Open presents. Soccer Game. Pizza at the park. Mack Family Entertainment center (read: all things bouncy & xbox kinnect). Cake in the park.

Real birthday: sugar cereal for breakfast. Puffy oven pancakes with buttermilk syrup, sausage & strawberries for lunch. Popcorn & smoothie for dinner.

That about sums it up!



His eyes looked like saucers when he opened this present



Quality Daddy time! Bow target shooting (not inside the house though!)


Aww…Aren’t they cute? Ammon and his mini-me. Kevin just needs a goatee!



Birthday Snuggles



Party of three!



Soccer ball cake (yes I know, it’s not black and white….not all balls are these days! And black frosting-yuck!)



Officially 8 year old AND a Cub Scout-he’s SO excited! Tonight’s his first meeting. =)


We love our silly, fun, competitive, high-energy, excitable, affectionate, back-rubbing, Kevin!


The Autumn Leaves….(anyone else have a song in their head?)

A week and a half ago, Mom and I went for a walk alongside the Uncompahgre River. It’s a beautiful setting and even more gorgeous with the fall colors in full (ish)swing!

Take a look:



This is at the entrance of our town…the old Railroad Museum.



The pictures do not do this site justice


Walking along the river


The mountains peeking above the golden aspens



Looking back towards Ridgway







A Case of the Sillies!

Each Friday night, we do something fun as a family. A lot of times, I admit, we end up watching a movie together because by Friday, us parents are pooped! But, I do try and mix it up…last Friday for example, we had a game show night. The kids and Ammon were contestants and I was the host. I assembled easiest to somewhat easy questions worth a different amount of points. After we played the game, we watched an episode of “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?” and had ice cream sundaes.

Well, this particular night, each person picked three things that could be worn and put them in a pile. The person to be dressed up by the others closed their eyes, while we all picked out one thing (that totally didn’t go together….that’s the point!) for them to wear. They could “wear” those items however they wanted and of course, we took pictures.

The results are in:









That’s a crown on my head and a diaper on my arm (not a used one! Gross!)



Even Rocky got in on the action….you like his watch? (aw Mom, do I have to?)