A Case of the Sillies!

Each Friday night, we do something fun as a family. A lot of times, I admit, we end up watching a movie together because by Friday, us parents are pooped! But, I do try and mix it up…last Friday for example, we had a game show night. The kids and Ammon were contestants and I was the host. I assembled easiest to somewhat easy questions worth a different amount of points. After we played the game, we watched an episode of “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?” and had ice cream sundaes.

Well, this particular night, each person picked three things that could be worn and put them in a pile. The person to be dressed up by the others closed their eyes, while we all picked out one thing (that totally didn’t go together….that’s the point!) for them to wear. They could “wear” those items however they wanted and of course, we took pictures.

The results are in:









That’s a crown on my head and a diaper on my arm (not a used one! Gross!)



Even Rocky got in on the action….you like his watch? (aw Mom, do I have to?)




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