Happy 8th Birthday, Kevin!!!!

Open presents. Soccer Game. Pizza at the park. Mack Family Entertainment center (read: all things bouncy & xbox kinnect). Cake in the park.

Real birthday: sugar cereal for breakfast. Puffy oven pancakes with buttermilk syrup, sausage & strawberries for lunch. Popcorn & smoothie for dinner.

That about sums it up!



His eyes looked like saucers when he opened this present



Quality Daddy time! Bow target shooting (not inside the house though!)


Aww…Aren’t they cute? Ammon and his mini-me. Kevin just needs a goatee!



Birthday Snuggles



Party of three!



Soccer ball cake (yes I know, it’s not black and white….not all balls are these days! And black frosting-yuck!)



Officially 8 year old AND a Cub Scout-he’s SO excited! Tonight’s his first meeting. =)


We love our silly, fun, competitive, high-energy, excitable, affectionate, back-rubbing, Kevin!


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