We’ve had lots of snow this month, contrasted with 50+ temps today. Both are welcome, actually.



This was after a fun morning of playing in the snow; Rocky was our snow dog and pulled the kids down the driveway on their sleds, Ammon took each of us around the property on a wild ATV ride and naturally, there were snowball fights and snow angels =)


Annika actually wanted me to do her hair one morning before school and she looked particularly cute!



There are two cats in this picture…but just one head…..


January 2014

We had planned to have a big New Years Eve bash, but after a dismal RSVP, we decided to scrap it and invite one our favorite couples over for snacks and a visit. It was perfect…much more our style, though the big party is fun too.



Happy New Year dude!





Annika’s-frog impression



Tasha-scary frog!

After Christmas, Ammon fulfilled a childhood dream and bought a cotton candy machine…we’ve had lots of fun with it.



If you think this is big….



Check out this big kid!


Merry Christmas

We had a very, overly busy December….much more than I like. As much as I tried to limit the amount of activities that we were involved in, it still was just too much. There was not enough sitting and enjoying the Christmas tree lights, or just reflecting on the reason for the season…However, we still had a great Christmas.



Christmas Eve dinner….picnic style finger foods, of course! My favorite meal of the year.



Our Christmas dog!

After opening presents and eating our traditional breakfast of hot chocolate and toasted croissants with jam, we laughed ourselves silly playing the skiing game on the play station. Needless to say, Mom and I are terrible at it, which makes it that much more entertaining!

Dinner was supposed to be a roast, which Mom prepared and had all ready to go…too bad I forgot to start the oven! Our newly bought cow in the freezer saved the day and we had steaks instead.

The next day we headed to Littleton to spend some fun time with Ammon’s family. It was a short, but relaxing mini-vacation of eating, shopping, visiting and Krispy Kreme! (we have to go on our semi-annual Littleton trips!).



For years I’ve wanted a sunburst mirror. I’ve looked all over and they’re so expensive! I could never find one I was willing to pay for. So after some searching on the internet, I found inspiration and decided to make my own with a cheap mirror I bought from the thrift store, some bamboo skewers and some small craft mirrors at Hobby Lobby. It’s not perfect, so you can’t look too closely, but I love the result!



We spent Thanksgiving here in Ridgway for the first time in years. Our guests included Mom and the missionaries. We had a ham AND turkey this year with lots of trimmings. It was a really fun day; complete with a show from the kids!


Our fall porch…yes, I made the dog pose for the picture


Our little pilgram



The girls were fascinated with touching the raw turkey this year. Of course, I did make it dance in the sink first….



November Update….

Yes, I know….3 1/2 months is a long time to go without a post…even for me! I’ve gotten out of the habit of it and it’s hard to get back into it!

November was a wonderful, busy month. We celebrated Ammon’s 35th birthday by having some friends over and eating Mexican food…of course! Next up was Kevin’s baptism! Ammon’s parents and both his sisters and Kevin’s cousins and my Mom were able to be here for the special occasion. It was an awesome day to watch as Kevin made promises to keep God’s commandments and always follow him. I could tell that he realized to some degree the commitment he was making as I saw his eyes get misty while listening to the speakers.


Kevin & His Grammy





The whole gang!

We made the most of our weekend together with all the family by the boys going shooting, the girls going shopping; then we met together and ate at our local chinese food place-yum!