Merry Christmas

We had a very, overly busy December….much more than I like. As much as I tried to limit the amount of activities that we were involved in, it still was just too much. There was not enough sitting and enjoying the Christmas tree lights, or just reflecting on the reason for the season…However, we still had a great Christmas.



Christmas Eve dinner….picnic style finger foods, of course! My favorite meal of the year.



Our Christmas dog!

After opening presents and eating our traditional breakfast of hot chocolate and toasted croissants with jam, we laughed ourselves silly playing the skiing game on the play station. Needless to say, Mom and I are terrible at it, which makes it that much more entertaining!

Dinner was supposed to be a roast, which Mom prepared and had all ready to go…too bad I forgot to start the oven! Our newly bought cow in the freezer saved the day and we had steaks instead.

The next day we headed to Littleton to spend some fun time with Ammon’s family. It was a short, but relaxing mini-vacation of eating, shopping, visiting and Krispy Kreme! (we have to go on our semi-annual Littleton trips!).


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