November Update….

Yes, I know….3 1/2 months is a long time to go without a post…even for me! I’ve gotten out of the habit of it and it’s hard to get back into it!

November was a wonderful, busy month. We celebrated Ammon’s 35th birthday by having some friends over and eating Mexican food…of course! Next up was Kevin’s baptism! Ammon’s parents and both his sisters and Kevin’s cousins and my Mom were able to be here for the special occasion. It was an awesome day to watch as Kevin made promises to keep God’s commandments and always follow him. I could tell that he realized to some degree the commitment he was making as I saw his eyes get misty while listening to the speakers.


Kevin & His Grammy





The whole gang!

We made the most of our weekend together with all the family by the boys going shooting, the girls going shopping; then we met together and ate at our local chinese food place-yum!


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