March Highlights

Yes, I know, I’m a month late, but hey…better late than never, right?

So, this post is all about DISNEYLAND!!!! We promised the kids we’d go visit Grandma B (Ammon’s Maternal Grandmother) and their Auntie Julina and we hadn’t been to Disneyland for 4 years. We found an amazing deal on planes tickets, so off we went! Mom was able to join us for two days of the trip and play like a kid!


The kids loved peeking out the window as we flew. They’d flown once before, but they were so little, they didn’t remember. Tasha just kept saying..”this is SO cool!” All three kids were awesome on the flight.


After we got settled at our hotel, the Candy Cane Inn (yes, they have Candy Canes in the lobby 24/7 and it was a fantastic place to stay…highly recommend it. Close to Disney, restaurants, great breakfast and good service), we hit the pool. The kids hadn’t swam in a while, so once they got in, they didn’t want to get out!


Pf Changs for dinner-YUM! What’s crazy is we ate at IHOP for dinner a few days later for close to the same price!!! Um, I’ll take PF Changs over IHOP any day!


We passed Bubba Gump Shrimp Co on the way back to our hotel and the kids had to try out Forrest Gump’s shoes!

Our first day at Disney, we went straight to the Matterhorn. It actually ended up being one of the longest waits of all the rides we went on (out of 4 days worth of rides). The kids loved it! Especially Annika. It was technically the first roller-coaster she’d ever been on and she was in love! =)

IMG_2124 (1)

Waiting in line at the Matterhorn




Tasha driving Autotopia with no hands! Scary!!!


According to my Mom, Kevin is a crazy driver!!!


Star Tours!! Which was probably the awesomist ride in Disneyland! It’s like you’re flying through the Star Wars movies. The alliance places a “rebel spy” on the ship, which the first time ended up being Annika. It showed her face up on the screen and boy was she surprised!


The Princesses in front of the castle 😉


Jungle Cruise


Taking a break with the White Rabbit


After spending most of the day at Disney, we took a dinner break and then returned to play some more! We rode a few rides together and then Ammon took the kids to ride Splash Mountain, while Mom and I did the Haunted Mansion.



We hit the Radiator Springs Racers first thing since they have the longest wait…average time of 2 hours!!! We waited in line for an hour, but it was SO worth it! If you’ve seen the movie (or even if you haven’t), you’ll love it!!!! It was AWESOME!


Here was Annika’s reaction! =)

We tried to get a fast pass to get on the ride again later, but as soon as we got off the ride at about 9:30, the fast passes were gone!!! Tells you how popular the ride is.


We found Red on the way to our next ride.


Luigi’s flying tires. Not an amazing ride, but still fun to try and bump into each other. It was Ammon, Tasha and Kevin against Grammy, me and Annika.


Monsters Inc wasn’t the greatest ride, but I really liked all the stuff on the way in. Since Kevin loves to eat, I had to take a picture of him by the “vending machine”. Mmmm-“Bag o’ Calories”, “Ooze” and “Sugar, Salt & Fat”.


Grammy requested the Grizzly River Run. It was a little chilly that day, but we decided to risk it. Annika and Tasha ended up completely drenched! It was pretty fun and of course, it made sense to have ice cream for lunch afterwards!


Salted Caramel Sundae at Ghiradelli’s Soda Shop!


A cone as big as your head works too!





There’s no way I could eat a whole one of these!






Goofy’s Sky School…we they look like they belong? I think so!



Kevin visiting some furry friends



Taking a break from ride after ride after ride after ride…..



For dinner, we went to Denny’s across from Disneyland. I highly recommend them over anyone else. Their prices weren’t completely hiked and the service was good. Plus, they had this awesome balloon artist that takes donations and will create whichever character you want.

To be Continued…




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