June….so far

I love it when school is out! Probably just as much or more than the kids! I love the lack of schedule and not having to get up at 6 am. I love the warm days and letting the kids play and be kids. I love the spontaneity of all of it!



Since Kevin is spending quality-cousin time in Colorado Springs, the girls decided to have a “spa-day”. Ammon was at home and I had to go somewhere. I came back to find the spa in my living room! I added to the ambiance by providing a candle and relaxing spa-music. It wouldn’t be a real spa, without it!



Getting nails done




I’ve been making lots of cupcakes, though I don’t always remember to take pictures. I’ve been working on starting my own cupcake business for about a year now. It takes a while to develop all the recipes and make them work for high altitude. These were chocolate raspberry made especially to celebrate Rocky’s 3rd birthday.



A birthday party-for me?! So happy!



Singing happy birthday to Rocky….he liked it!



What would a birthday party be without a cake?! Mmmm-dog cookies and peanut butter. It doesn’t get any better!

uteindianmuseum (1)


The girls and I visited the Ute Indian Museum and learned a lot about the Native Americans that used to live in this area. Specifically about Chief Ouray, whom the town Ouray is named after. Ouray is about 25 min away from where we live and is my favorite little town.



My little buffalo



We learned a lot about the “bear dance” while we were at the museum, so we had to pose with the bear!



Ammon had a lot of studying to do for his final for his chemistry class and usually we do something fun as a family on Friday nights. So, the girls and I had a girls sleepover in our treehouse. We did some “Mad Libs”, had treats and watched a movie. One thing you need to know about our treehouse, which you can probably tell from the photo is that there is an actual tree going through the middle of the treehouse. There are branches that go out through the sides also…the cats thought it would be fun to climb through those holes and onto the branches into the treehouse. Oscar did so at 4 am, and then proceeded to purr loudly and lick Tasha’s ear. I booted him outside, but to no avail because he kept coming in through the branch hole. Finally we gave up and went back to sleep for a short while before some birds started singing. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep the greatest, but it was still super-fun.

I made the girls pancakes and brought them breakfast in the treehouse while they watched some Scooby-Doo.

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  1. Kylene

    LOL. So you made chocolate cupcakes for Rocky’s birthday and he didn’t even get any? You’re such a mean mom! 🙂

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