May was a very full month. Mother’s Day, the last month of school, visiting family, etc…



Annika looking super-cute one Sunday

Rocky Dumbo



Rocky, the Dumbo-dog! (he’s such a great dog! We got so lucky!)



Found a few lizards in our gnome-cold storage room…pictures later so you know what I’m talking about!



May was rather chilly until the last week or so. Annika, Kevin, Rocky and I decided to go on a hike by the escarpment. Such a pretty day! We had a blast and hiked about 3 miles.



Taking a break on the bench with a view



Kevin learned how to make hamburgers on the grill to pass off a cub scouts goal and he earned his “Wolf”


kidsnmeparkmeadows (1)


I took the kids down to Littleton to visit with the Mannings and Narayans. While we were there, we also met up with my almost-sister Kylene, her honey, Jeremy and their two little kiddies. We met at the mall and had a great time! So many stores had hands-on things that the kids could do. It was great! It helped Kylene, Jeremy and I have a good visit.



Disney store



Brookstone, playing with their “sand”



Three pretty little cousins on Sunday, who just happened to be wearing turquoise. (not planned)

Kevin ended up going home with his cousins for two and a half weeks, so it was just the girls.



Annika “graduated” from Kindergarten. Her class did a sweet little tap-dance, which I’ll have to post on here later.



Annika and her teacher. She’s from London and has the BEST accent. Her voice is sweet-sounding and almost musical. I could listen to her all day. No wonder the kids loved her!



Annika’s class did an animal research project. Annika picked the sea urchin. I thought she did a great job!


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