Birthday Bash Extravagaanza!

Today was Tasha’s party. She just invited a few girls (which was nice!). The theme was “Cupcake Wars”. If you’ve never seen the tv show after which the theme was chosen, the premise is this: three rounds of competition; round one is a taste test, round two is presentation and round three is a display with 1,000 cupcakes.

We didn’t stick exactly to the way the show goes. We did it this way: round one they had to pick one ingredient from each category. We had the “sweet n spicy” category and then the “fruity n nutty” category.

Round two, each team had to include the secret ingredient: leftover giant s’more cookie from Sunday!

We started off by watching an episode of Cupcake Wars while snacking on veggies n dip, fruit and dip, crackers and cheese, pickles and olives and homemade soda.

Then it was time to bake!

IMG_8612 (1)

Team: ETA’s Cutie Cupcakes


Team: Despicable Uni-cupcakes


What are you putting in those cupcakes, Annika?!


Choosing their ingredients


Sweet n Spicy Category: White Chocolate Chips, Cinnamon, Chopped Candied Ginger, Tang

Fruity n Nutty Category: Banana, Walnuts, Dried Apricots, Strawberry Jam


Cupcakes, going in!


Scoop ‘em faster!


Frosting ready to go!


Some of the finished products


Our judges…hmmm…I think they had one cupcake too many!!!!


Someone gets into his work

The girls decorated a special cupcake just for Tasha:


Dramatic buildup to the blow out


Make a wish



Friend snuggles



Our 10 yr old girl!




Each girl took home a cupcake they decorated, some gum (yup, got it on clearance! I love a good deal) and a cute cupcake necklace I bought from Etsy store (IzyB Gifts).

Just to make sure they were all sugared up before they left…Ammon made each girl their choice of cotton candy:


So fun!!!!

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