Blue Lake

Ammon has had about a week and a half off of school and we decided since Friday was his last day off for a while, we should do something fun and adventurous as a family. And boy, did we ever! I suggested we go on a hike because a) I can’t remember the last time I went on a real hike, and b) I hadn’t exercised yet and I figured it would be more fun to do something active as a family and c) Rocky needed a walk.

We’d always wanted to hike up to Blue Lakes. It’s a 7 mile hike roundtrip, which is long for our kiddos, but we thought we’d try it anyways.


All ready to hike!


At the trailhead….


Three cuties under a huge fallen tree that was across the trail


Somebody was in heaven!


I love where we live!


Daddy’s girl


Our little hikers =)


We didn’t expect this….4 feet of snow in June…although we were at 11, 000ft


We could see almost to Grand Junction


We made it to the top! We took about an hour, enjoyed the view, ate our lunch and rested our tired tootsies.


The lake was the color of the ocean


Yay for kids who are old enough to take pictures!

IMG_6964 (1)Panorama! This is what we saw. Is this not incredible?!


Looking back as we were driving away.

The kids did amazing! Kevin didn’t complain once. Annika hiked the majority of the way and Tasha, while she might of complained plenty, still hiked 7 miles and lived to tell the tale!

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