Yes, the question mark is supposed to be there…we had planned to go camping months ago with our dear friends, the Sigafus’. However, I didn’t plan on going without my camping buddy (read: Ammon). So, after driving about 4 hours to return Malika and fetch Kevin, in addition to high chances of inclement weather, we decided to camp locally, at our reservoir.

Apparently, camping the weekend AFTER the 4th is a big camping weekend:

camping sigafus 018

What you see on the bottom part of the photo is a cement pad, meant for an RV. What you can’t see is the R.V’s 20 feet from us in all directions. We did have one tree, oh…and a bush! =) Kind of like camping in a parking lot!

Despite this, we had a great time, due to the great company of wonderful friends!

goofy sigafus 019

See what I mean? Hey, Tasha..where’s your silly face?

Tasha smore 025

No, that’s not your silly face, that’s your s’more face! BTW, did you know they have square, flat shaped marshmallows? They fit on your graham cracker perfectly! It’s amazing!!

Scary Kevin 024

Hmmmm..maybe he’s trying to keep the bears away?

The grown-ups stayed up talking way too late and then were awakened at 6 am (that’s when quiet time ends?????).

sandcastles 020

Reservoir the next day. So fun!

bathing beauties 021

Relaxing in the sun. I LOVE summer!

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