July Update

I’m sure we did fun things during the latter half of June, but I honestly don’t remember…so onto July we go! For the 4th of July weekend, we went to Colorado Springs to my sis-in-laws home for a surprise birthday party for Ammon’s Mom’s 60th! Surprises are so fun if you can keep them. We had a fun-filled weekend with bbq, fishing, canoeing, and lots of great conversation. Ammon was pretty sad he couldn’t go, but he’s currently taking Human Anatomy and there are SO many things to know. It’s kind of consuming his life at the moment =(

Sonic 002

On the way to the Narayans…time to chow

Sonic003 003

Mmmm…slushy on a hot day-so good!

Slushy with nerds 004

Watermelon slushy with nerds…?What? It was actually super-yummy!

fish 006

Thanks to Uncle Arvin’s help, Annika caught a fish!

grandma snuggles 005

Grandma Snuggles

boys water 007


I know, it’s in black & white…not on purpose. I must have selected it on my phone. I thought it was a crack-up seeing Kevin and his boy cousins with their shorts hiked up to their noses so they could play in the water. Eventually, they boys and the girls ended up swimming, completely clothed!

Last year we started an annual swap of kids..this year, we got Malika and the Narayans got Kevin.

Malika cotton candy 008


There was cotton candy

Bowling 010



Cold 012


A trip to the reservoir

Beach 011


Sandcastles are a must!

girls reservoir 013


Gotta cool off

girls park 015


Having fun in the park

Pizza 016


Eating amazing pizza (and ice cream)

We had lots of fun playing with Malika. Next year, it’s boy year!


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