End of Summer Fun



Ice cream at our adorable local ice cream shop! I need to take pics of the actual shop. It’s darling and reasonably priced AND….they roll your cone in chocolate or rainbow sprinkles if you want!



Fun at the reservoir



My little poser


Playing pictionary for family fun night


Complete with roasted marshmallows for a treat


IMG_2566 (1)


No one liked them….see?



Aw…they actually like each other!



Playing around!



Annika and Kevin helped me dig a garden






My stylin’ helper 😉



We made our own tie-dyed shirts!



We had yummy pizza. This was a create your own night.

We followed it up with a 350 piece puzzle. We’d never done anything like this before and the kids loved it!



We had our grooving’ tunes and 350 pieces to go!



It took us a few hours total. Here’s our result! Mardi Gras Kitty. (Thank you thrift store…$2 later!)

Summer went too fast!!!!


Some more of our July/Early August happenings…



Tasha loves her job!! Snowy loves her too =)



We enjoyed some beautiful sunsets



We enjoyed splashing around at our local reservoir!



I made lots of cupcakes….this is a banana cream pie, which was declared by Kevin to be his fav: banana cupcake with vanilla pastry cream filling and creamy vanilla frosting.



I made these cupcakes for a birthday. Nothing fancy. Just fudge chocolate with cream cheese frosting.

Happy 6th Birthday, Annika!

Our little Annika is 6! Is that crazy or what?! I know she’s thought she’s 12 for years now, but it’s hard to believe that she gets older every year. Why does that keep happening? Annika promised me she’d stop eating her fruits and veggies if I wanted to keep her little forever!



Breakfast of champions: pop tart, sausage and bananas…or maybe it’s become a birthday tradition that the kids get to pick their breakfast of choice and get it served to them in bed!


Annika received lots of fun gifts!



She really liked this green stuff she got. But to my surprise, she asked me to deposit it in her bank account instead of spending it…Whaa?

To celebrate, we had a little party at a bouncy place called Mack’s and finished it off with pizza and cake in the park!



They didn’t have any fun.



All the girls after wearing themselves out!



Aren’t they the sweetest little monkeys you’ve ever seen?



I love this picture because Kevin is so intent on seeing what’s in the bag=)


Annika’s little friend admiring her smile!

New Rug!

Since we moved into this house, I’ve wanted an area rug for the family room, but we always had other things to spend our money on. I finally bit the bullet and got one because I wanted our family room to look more cozy and pulled together.

It took me a while to choose one because I knew what I wanted, but I didn’t want to pay much for it. We have a dog and three kids, let’s be realistic here…this rug will probably last me five years if I’m lucky. So, when I found this rug online at Target and it had raving reviews AND my kind of price, I knew it was the one!






Everyone else loves it too!


Even Rocky!



Are you seeing a pattern?



Once I had the rug, I wanted to pick up the gray elsewhere. I was going to paint my black tray silver, but then a friend suggested doing a purple stripe just for fun. I like the result. Except…now my table doesn’t go.

Next diy…two tone coffee table: white on bottom, black top!

Last Day at the Hot Springs



Our hot springs is super-fun, and kind of pricey so we don’t go very often. We have a tradition though that we swim on the last day of swimming lessons because the kids get in free! Then, of course, we always go get ice cream…because it’s yummy!