Happy 6th Birthday, Annika!

Our little Annika is 6! Is that crazy or what?! I know she’s thought she’s 12 for years now, but it’s hard to believe that she gets older every year. Why does that keep happening? Annika promised me she’d stop eating her fruits and veggies if I wanted to keep her little forever!



Breakfast of champions: pop tart, sausage and bananas…or maybe it’s become a birthday tradition that the kids get to pick their breakfast of choice and get it served to them in bed!


Annika received lots of fun gifts!



She really liked this green stuff she got. But to my surprise, she asked me to deposit it in her bank account instead of spending it…Whaa?

To celebrate, we had a little party at a bouncy place called Mack’s and finished it off with pizza and cake in the park!



They didn’t have any fun.



All the girls after wearing themselves out!



Aren’t they the sweetest little monkeys you’ve ever seen?



I love this picture because Kevin is so intent on seeing what’s in the bag=)


Annika’s little friend admiring her smile!

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