Fun, fun, fun, till the weekend ends!

Last weekend was probably the best weekend our family has had a in long time. Not to say we haven’t had some fun, but…it started Friday. Ammon and I went on a date! I know, a what?! An actual date. Like just him and me. He and I. You get the point. So, we hopped on his motorcycle on the beautiful 80-something day and drove to Ouray. We had ice cream for lunch and grabbed some chocolates for later 😉 Then we perused some of the local shops and had to go into my favorite kitchen store. Which btw, I think I like better than any other store. Better than Target or JCP or a shoe store (ick! I hate buying shoes) or anything. Ammon bought some hot sauce and I bought some flavoring oil for cupcakes.

We picked up the kids from school a while later and headed to a friends house. We spent the evening eating pizza, s’mores pizza and chatted while the kids played. Then we lawn-camped so we could head out early to Sam’s club the next morning. On the way, Tasha and my friend Darla, who is actually quite pretty, took this lovely photo for me:



Aren’t they beautiful? Just lovely!

In the car we decided that for Halloween, Kevin is going to be a swamp-monster, Tasha, a movie star and Annika wants to be an “old lady”. lol! She wants a cane and gray hair and mismatched socks pulled up with a skirt that doesn’t quite cover them. Like an absent-minded, dotty old lady..not a fashionable, got it together older lady. =)

We enjoyed a yummy lunch at Cafe Rio and then headed back to our friends house for a ward activity. The.Most.Amazing.Salmon.EVER!!! We spent the night at our friends again..inside this time. Then headed to church the next day. I think our full weekend wore Annika out:



See? This is after we were home for about an hour. Still asleep in the car. In the same position. So.tired.

Fall is here?

So, we had a cold snap for at least a week where it was in the 50’s and raining. I finally resigned myself to the fact that we were having an early fall…so I decorated my mantel:



I think it looks better in person, but oh well. I had fun anyways…

Ya and guess what?! The next week it was back to sunny and 80 degrees. hmmmm….oh well!


Every year our little town puts on a big rodeo and parade. It’s really a weekend-long event, but we usually just enjoy the parade and rodeo on Monday. The parade isn’t that different from year to year; although this year there were a lot more participants, but the fun of it is just enjoying it for what it is. A 30-40 min parade in a beautiful, small mountain town. Kind of mayberry-esque…but with a lot more liberals! This year my favorites were kind of tied for the 6 month old baby riding a horse with her cowboy-Daddy and the clown riding the mini-trike that stuck a flower in a horse patty that was left on the road.



Whose cute kids are these? Couldn’t be mine! They don’t look a thing like me 😉



A Kevin dog pile!

IMG_2702 IMG_2703 IMG_2704

This is a good friend of mine. I didn’t know she was riding in the parade. What you can’t see is her 6 year old daughter on the other side of her, riding her own horse. (which she also rode to school on the first day!)

IMG_2705 IMG_2710

The firefighters always get into the water fights between the trucks at the end of the parade. Of course, they also soak the crowd…yes, on purpose!



Pretty much the whole town and all of the tourists come out for this fun-filled weekend. The parade is followed by a bbq lunch in the park.



Annika chilling on a new bench in our park dedicated to a local 20-something girl that passed away unexpectedly. She apparently loved daisies and what you can’t see is a metal dachshund attached to the bench.

We headed to the rodeo after playing for a while and enjoyed the bronco riding, barrel racing, stick-horse race (by the kids) and Lee Ann Rimes singing the National Anthem. Fun day!





These guys were right up beside our deck and I tried to take a pic, but they ran off to the other side of the driveway. Just as well ‘cause one of them charged me about a month ago. Kind of scary. Luckily, I had something big in my hand, so I raised it above my head and acted like I was going to throw it at them while I yelled at them, so they took off. Aren’t they beautiful though?



Creamsicle cupcake….super-yummy, but some of the orange flavor baked out, so I think next time I’ll try adding some orange juice concentrate and I won’t reconstitute it to give it that orange zing. Yum!

Got a Haircut?

We had just finished saying our prayer together the night before school started and I looked over at Kevin and in horror saw that I’d forgotten to cut his hair. Now, you may say… so what if his hair isn’t perfect for the first day of school. No. His hair was crazy long and he looked like a shaggy dog.







Ammon was out of town this weekend, but I had to get a photo with our favorite missionaries. We have the missionaries to dinner once a week and have grown to know and love these boy-men. The love the Lord and work hard to help others. Our kids have also come to really look up to them. It’s a blessing to have them in our home. The blond Elder finally got his visa to go and serve in Australia. So this was his last Sunday.



Cute kids!



Annika always has 5 million Sunday dresses because she gets the hand-me-downs from Tasha and her cousin, Malika. I saw this one on clearance at Target last year though and I couldn’t resist. She looks like a little ballerina/princess in it. Maybe I really got it for me 😉


Back to School! Ack!

Where did the summer go? Each year, it passes by with even greater speed than the last and I find myself torn between loving having the kids home and a flexible schedule and being excited to have some time to myself and get something accomplished.

Tasha started online schooling this year (more on that later), so she started a week earlier than the other two kiddies. Lucky for them, they got to have two special breakfasts. One for Tasha’s first day of school and one for Kevin & Annika’s.

Tasha’s consisted of Eggo Waffles, Toaster Strudels and fruit. Healthy, I know! But I never buy them, so it was a treat and cheap!!!

IMG_2657 IMG_2658

Not fancy, but cute and fun to make it a festive day!

IMG_8785 IMG_8791


Yay for a girl who still loves pink and all things girly!!!



Working hard! I caught her unawares =) tee hee



Back to school for Annika and Kevin. I’m going to miss you, Rocky!

IMG_8797 IMG_8796


She loves her new shirt. It’s all sequins on the star and if you rub your hand over them, they have silver on the other side. So you can have a silver star or a turquoise one. Apparently, it was a big hit at school the first day.



My big almost 9 year-old. He grew about 3 inches this summer! He’s now 3 inches taller than Tasha and up to my chest. Aaaaaaaahhh



Rocky wanted a back to school picture too. Didn’t he pose nicely?



Ya, this is the real Annika!!! =)