Back to School! Ack!

Where did the summer go? Each year, it passes by with even greater speed than the last and I find myself torn between loving having the kids home and a flexible schedule and being excited to have some time to myself and get something accomplished.

Tasha started online schooling this year (more on that later), so she started a week earlier than the other two kiddies. Lucky for them, they got to have two special breakfasts. One for Tasha’s first day of school and one for Kevin & Annika’s.

Tasha’s consisted of Eggo Waffles, Toaster Strudels and fruit. Healthy, I know! But I never buy them, so it was a treat and cheap!!!

IMG_2657 IMG_2658

Not fancy, but cute and fun to make it a festive day!

IMG_8785 IMG_8791


Yay for a girl who still loves pink and all things girly!!!



Working hard! I caught her unawares =) tee hee



Back to school for Annika and Kevin. I’m going to miss you, Rocky!

IMG_8797 IMG_8796


She loves her new shirt. It’s all sequins on the star and if you rub your hand over them, they have silver on the other side. So you can have a silver star or a turquoise one. Apparently, it was a big hit at school the first day.



My big almost 9 year-old. He grew about 3 inches this summer! He’s now 3 inches taller than Tasha and up to my chest. Aaaaaaaahhh



Rocky wanted a back to school picture too. Didn’t he pose nicely?



Ya, this is the real Annika!!! =)

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