Fun, fun, fun, till the weekend ends!

Last weekend was probably the best weekend our family has had a in long time. Not to say we haven’t had some fun, but…it started Friday. Ammon and I went on a date! I know, a what?! An actual date. Like just him and me. He and I. You get the point. So, we hopped on his motorcycle on the beautiful 80-something day and drove to Ouray. We had ice cream for lunch and grabbed some chocolates for later 😉 Then we perused some of the local shops and had to go into my favorite kitchen store. Which btw, I think I like better than any other store. Better than Target or JCP or a shoe store (ick! I hate buying shoes) or anything. Ammon bought some hot sauce and I bought some flavoring oil for cupcakes.

We picked up the kids from school a while later and headed to a friends house. We spent the evening eating pizza, s’mores pizza and chatted while the kids played. Then we lawn-camped so we could head out early to Sam’s club the next morning. On the way, Tasha and my friend Darla, who is actually quite pretty, took this lovely photo for me:



Aren’t they beautiful? Just lovely!

In the car we decided that for Halloween, Kevin is going to be a swamp-monster, Tasha, a movie star and Annika wants to be an “old lady”. lol! She wants a cane and gray hair and mismatched socks pulled up with a skirt that doesn’t quite cover them. Like an absent-minded, dotty old lady..not a fashionable, got it together older lady. =)

We enjoyed a yummy lunch at Cafe Rio and then headed back to our friends house for a ward activity. The.Most.Amazing.Salmon.EVER!!! We spent the night at our friends again..inside this time. Then headed to church the next day. I think our full weekend wore Annika out:



See? This is after we were home for about an hour. Still asleep in the car. In the same position. So.tired.

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