Every year our little town puts on a big rodeo and parade. It’s really a weekend-long event, but we usually just enjoy the parade and rodeo on Monday. The parade isn’t that different from year to year; although this year there were a lot more participants, but the fun of it is just enjoying it for what it is. A 30-40 min parade in a beautiful, small mountain town. Kind of mayberry-esque…but with a lot more liberals! This year my favorites were kind of tied for the 6 month old baby riding a horse with her cowboy-Daddy and the clown riding the mini-trike that stuck a flower in a horse patty that was left on the road.



Whose cute kids are these? Couldn’t be mine! They don’t look a thing like me 😉



A Kevin dog pile!

IMG_2702 IMG_2703 IMG_2704

This is a good friend of mine. I didn’t know she was riding in the parade. What you can’t see is her 6 year old daughter on the other side of her, riding her own horse. (which she also rode to school on the first day!)

IMG_2705 IMG_2710

The firefighters always get into the water fights between the trucks at the end of the parade. Of course, they also soak the crowd…yes, on purpose!



Pretty much the whole town and all of the tourists come out for this fun-filled weekend. The parade is followed by a bbq lunch in the park.



Annika chilling on a new bench in our park dedicated to a local 20-something girl that passed away unexpectedly. She apparently loved daisies and what you can’t see is a metal dachshund attached to the bench.

We headed to the rodeo after playing for a while and enjoyed the bronco riding, barrel racing, stick-horse race (by the kids) and Lee Ann Rimes singing the National Anthem. Fun day!


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