Indexing! has the largest collections of names and records in the world; over 3 billion names. And it’s free! If you’re not into doing your own genealogy, you can help index names and the information attached to them by extracting them from census’, passenger lists, etc and put them into a document provided so you can help others find their ancestors.

I’ve been doing this for years. It’s a quick and easy way for me to give of my time to others. The kids have seen me do it. So now, at least two of them are old enough to do it too! They were so excited to get started one Sunday!



Deep in thought =)

Fall in Ridgway

I took Rocky for a walk down by the river one day early in the month. It was a beautiful, clear sunny day and I had the path to myself.



Rocky on the bridge



Does it get more perfect than this? Sigh…I love where we live. Now I just need a good telephoto lens!


Miscellaneous Fun


As much time as I’ve spent around horses, I’ve never seen one sit like this. He sat like this for about 10 min. Then again, you don’t meet many 34 year old horses!




Beautiful sunset


Watching General Conference in their “tent”



We have the Elders to dinner almost weekly and the one on the right was leaving to a different area. He loved Pokemon so he and Kevin hit it off right away. Kevin even gave him one of his favorite cards. AND, they were great sports for playing hide n seek on Family night. It took them FOREVER to find us! (we’re good hiders)






Tasha bought herself an iPhone with her doggy sitting money. No, she can’t use it as a phone…we’re not crazy! She can only use it for a limited time per day and only after school.


Bad Boy

So, Kevin was really naughty the other day and we have a friend who is a state patrolman…



He was fingerprinted before this and then after being handcuffed, he through him in his patrol car….really!



Except, Kevin doesn’t look sad about it, does he?! Kids these days, nothing phases them! Although, you may notice that Kevin is wearing a Cub scout uniform…so, yes. It was for Cub Scouts and so fun. They were able to see everything in the Patrolman’s belt, got to see his taser, play with the lights and sirens in his car. It was pretty fun!



The theme at the monthly pack meeting. At which Kevin received a bunch of belt loops for accomplishing various things and some pins, as well as the outdoor award.



Kevy smiling for the camera


Happy Birthday Kevin!

NINE! Sniff sniff. He had a low-key birthday party with a few friends. They ate pizza, watched the Lego Movie, played soccer and ate cake. Simple. Easy. Love it.


Birthday Boy!


Lego Cake…(p.s. Fondant takes forever!)


My lettering wasn’t the best, but that’s what happens when you make a cake at 11pm!

IMG_0077 (2)



The gang!

On Kevin’s actual birthday, we had pop-tarts for breakfast (by request)-yuck! Dinner was breakfast burritos.



Kevin’s main present. It looks like a fish tank and it is, but inside there are two African Dwarf frogs. Kevin had been wanting these little guys for months, but had a debt he’d been working on paying off. He paid it off on his birthday, but we surprised him and got this for him. Tasha bought the frogs and we bought the set-up.



Funky Chickens

Ok, so I was going to show you a pic of our 5 chickens. They’re nice looking gals and two of them have been laying for about three months. The other three hens are still working on it! However, for some reason, I can’t find the pics I took. I’ll update this post later.



I had to show you this egg picture though! Do you see how tiny that blue-green egg is? At first I thought it was one of our younger chickens first egg, but nope! It was just a fluke one day from our little “Sunshine” (that’s her name)

Dairy Queen

We have a Dairy Queen in Montrose (40 min away). It’s only open for 6 months of the year. I know, sounds crazy, but apparently no one in the mountains eats ice cream in the winter. I do, but I guess I’m it. So, it’s always a big deal to have a cold treat at DQ at least a few times while it’s open.


Sharing a banana split. Hmmm…no resemblance at all.



Tashy enjoying a frozen caramel hot chocolate. I had, of course, a mini blizzard-cookie jar (oreos, fudge and cookie dough)

Puppy Love

I’m not a small dog lover for the most part. I mean, I enjoy most dogs, but I don’t love the small ones because they’re usually nippy and nervous and yappy. However, I’ve grown to love Dachshunds after meeting so many while living in Ridgway. You wouldn’t think that a small mountain town would have hot-dog dogs, but there are lots of them! From their owners I’ve learned they can hike with the best of them…some even out-hiking their much larger golden retriever pals. And so, I present:






First bath….nope. We don’t like baths!



In jail. Actually this is where she sleeps.



Dinnertime! Her FAVORITE!



Tired from surfing the web 😉



Taking a break from playing



I think I have a picture like this of Ammon and newborn Tasha….I guess this is child number 5?






More silly! (she really fits in with us)



Snuggles with Rocky. Her best pal! It took him a while to warm up to her because she wants to play. ALOT. But now he loves her. They play together, sunbathe together, snooze together, eat together…

Little Cowgirl

After watching the ladies barrel racing at our local rodeo last month, Tasha informed me, “Mom, I want to barrel race.” I told her she’d kinda need to learn to ride first! So I’ve been giving her lessons every Friday since. We have two different friends that are willing to let us ride, so we alternate riding one friends horses one week and the others, the next. Its been really fun on many levels; spending time with Tasha just her and I, riding, which is my passion, and teaching her to ride, which I’d always hoped I’d be able to do.



Her first time riding by herself-ever



Her first trail ride



These hooves are heavy!!!



Horsie Snuggles

Tasha has improved each time she’s ridden at amazing speed. She sits a trot extremely well and is working on her canter. She loves to canter (just like her Mama) and is focusing on keeping her little bottom on the saddle. =)

If I can ever figure out how to put videos on here, I’ll post a bunch.