Happy Birthday Kevin!

NINE! Sniff sniff. He had a low-key birthday party with a few friends. They ate pizza, watched the Lego Movie, played soccer and ate cake. Simple. Easy. Love it.


Birthday Boy!


Lego Cake…(p.s. Fondant takes forever!)


My lettering wasn’t the best, but that’s what happens when you make a cake at 11pm!

IMG_0077 (2)



The gang!

On Kevin’s actual birthday, we had pop-tarts for breakfast (by request)-yuck! Dinner was breakfast burritos.



Kevin’s main present. It looks like a fish tank and it is, but inside there are two African Dwarf frogs. Kevin had been wanting these little guys for months, but had a debt he’d been working on paying off. He paid it off on his birthday, but we surprised him and got this for him. Tasha bought the frogs and we bought the set-up.



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