Little Cowgirl

After watching the ladies barrel racing at our local rodeo last month, Tasha informed me, “Mom, I want to barrel race.” I told her she’d kinda need to learn to ride first! So I’ve been giving her lessons every Friday since. We have two different friends that are willing to let us ride, so we alternate riding one friends horses one week and the others, the next. Its been really fun on many levels; spending time with Tasha just her and I, riding, which is my passion, and teaching her to ride, which I’d always hoped I’d be able to do.



Her first time riding by herself-ever



Her first trail ride



These hooves are heavy!!!



Horsie Snuggles

Tasha has improved each time she’s ridden at amazing speed. She sits a trot extremely well and is working on her canter. She loves to canter (just like her Mama) and is focusing on keeping her little bottom on the saddle. =)

If I can ever figure out how to put videos on here, I’ll post a bunch.

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