I made these super yummy muffins last weekend. Banana-berry Coconut Muffins (all whole wheat). They were super light, not dense like whole wheat can tend to be and full of flavor. We couldn’t stop eating them.



Next time instead of regular milk, I’m going to put in coconut milk. Yum!



You think cats are sun-worshippers? This girl has got them beat! She finds the sun wherever it is in the house and just basks in it! Sometimes it’s a little bright though….

FullSizeRender 5


This is what Natasha was doing while I was in the hygenist’s chair having my teeth cleaned. Annika was the photographer!



I was subbing at the middle school last week and it was about 55F and sunny. I had over an hour for lunch. I just sat outside and drank it in! I never get tired of those mountains!



Cocoa discovered bugs the other day. She was fascinated! She watches intently….



Then…she squishes them. Then she plays with them. Then she watches them. Then she squishes them some more. lol



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