November 2014 Catch-up

Ok. I know. These past few months have been possibly my poorest blogging efforts ever. We were busy enjoying the holidays and then trying to adjust to real life again. My biggest excuse is that Ammon uses the computer on Sundays to write in his journal and write some missionaries. Totally a good thing to do, but it’s also the time I used to blog. So…’s kind of his fault! 😉 He says I can blame everything on him, so I’m going with it!!!


We celebrated Ammon’s birthday with friends and a chocolate-coconut-macadamia nut cheesecake!




For Thanksgiving, we split our time between Lee and Ellen, our friends, the Cardons and the Narayans.

At Kylene and Jeremy’s, Kylene and I spent a lot of time visiting, while the kids played. We did make a visit to the Parker Wildlife Museum too, which was pretty awesome! I wish I’d taken more photos!





There was a cool lego exhibit. We probably spent about an hour just playing there before heading on to the wildlife part of the museum.





Annika found a friend! =)

While at the Narayans, we decided it would be fun for the girls to get manicures. This was fitting as part of a Christmas present from the girls Great Nana and Papa. Great-Nana would totally be the first to take a girl for a manicure!





Also a really fun place to visit in Colorado Springs, was the Olympic training center. Olympians train there in gymnastics, swimming, wrestling, bobsledding and others.




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