Valentines Day!

I love to make Valentines Day special for the kids. We started with a super yummy breakfast of Lemon-Cream stuffed croissant baked french toast with whipped cream and strawberry sauce. Oh and bacon! I took the kids to the animal shelter to visit and we hit the local ice cream shop (probably my favorite place town!).

Dinner was the kids all-time favorite. Cupid’s Crazy Cafe. It’s one of those dinners where you don’t know what you’re ordering. I made sure to include what the kids told me were their favorite foods…cheeseburgers, mac n cheese and ramen. Oh and with tang and chocolate milk.

FullSizeRender 8

Even Rocky got dressed up for the occasion


FullSizeRender 4

FullSizeRender 3


Cupid’s Cafe!

We ended the fun day by going over to our neighbors and listening to them play some awesome folk songs. There was a bass, fiddle, two guitars, a banjo and one amazing voice. Great day!

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  1. Kylene

    Whoa! That was a huge update. Glad to see that you’re still alive. Looks like you’ve been up to fun. I have no idea how you keep your slim figure making all those delicious treats! Love you!

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