Annual Kid Swap

Every year, my sister-in-law and I swap kids. One year, she has my girls, I have her boys and so forth. This year it was just that way. Boys year for me=easy! Unfortunately, Ammon had to be out of town for all but one evening that the boys were here. He made the most of that one night though…



Posing with Rocky



Uncle Ammon is the candy man!



And crazy rides on the four-wheeler

We had to attend the fun annual old-fashioned fourth of July parade in Ouray:

IMG_3803 IMG_3808 IMG_3810


They got a little wet and gathered lots of candy! So fun. For the first time in our time here, we actually went to see the fireworks.



Sunday fun



Annabell was happy



Kevin telling “Santa” what he wanted for Christmas






We checked out a new frozen yogurt bar in Montrose



We spent hours doing a puzzle

IMG_3815 (1)


Playing “cheat”

IMG_3812 (1) IMG_3813 (1)


Guess who was cheating and got caught!



Wearing Dad’s pants on the night they slept in the treehouse…Well, let’s be honest, they didn’t last very long out there…but they tried it again later and actually stayed out all night!



Watching “Inside Out” (I loved it!)

IMG_3841 IMG_3840


Went dog riding….Poor Rocky! And did a little s’more roasting and firecracker-ing!

We had so much fun and the time flew by! I loved getting to visit with my nephews, plus the boys got along so well the whole time that I marked about 10 things off my to-do list!


Baby Bathtubs

The kids and I went hiking on a short trail to section of river where the water had carved out the rocks into small bathtub-like features…at least, supposedly. I didn’t feel like it fulfilled the imaginations in my head, but we had fun anyways…





In awe of the river!



Kevin found this heart rock and thought it was pretty nifty. We came home with a lot of rocks…



What a fun day!




More Haylee!

We were sad and excited to get to take Haylee back for a few days…this time, her Dad was injured =( Tasha was super stoked to have a little sister to take care of that actually wanted to be taken care of!

IMG_3755 2 IMG_3757


Haylee loves Kevin and told her Mom and Dad that she’s going to marry him. We’re ok with an arranged marriage ;0

Our Tween Girl

Natasha turned 11 on June 22nd. E.L.E.V.E.N. Like 6th grade, almost teenager, that sort of thing. Ack! Ick! Help!!!!



She had puffy oven pancakes with berries and bacon…in bed, of course!

IMG_3733 2 IMG_3734 IMG_3737 2


We were taking care of our little friend, Haylee after her Mom’s tubing accident. Haylee is like part of the family, so it was fun to have her around for Tasha’s birthday!

IMG_3742 2


Tasha requested dinner out at Denny’s and she was thrilled with her free sundae! Yum!

Tasha had just a few friends for her actual party…her two besties were out of state, but she had a good time nonetheless…She requested no presents, but either $$ or goods for our local animal shelter.

IMG_9012 (1)


Her doggie and kitty cupcakes

IMG_9011 (1) IMG_9010 (1)


We played some silly games like unwrap the gift, name the baby animal and more. It was a little subdued for some reason this year, but they still had fun.



Make a wish!

IMG_9016 (1)


Happy Birthday Rocky!

As of last year, we apparently started celebrating our dogs birthday. This year, Tasha and I made ginger, pumpkin, peanut butter, oat doggie muffins…hmm, that’s a mouthful! Rocky loved them and they actually didn’t taste bad to us either.

FullSizeRender 6


The very loved birthday boy!

FullSizeRender 5


Yummy treat!