Our Tween Girl

Natasha turned 11 on June 22nd. E.L.E.V.E.N. Like 6th grade, almost teenager, that sort of thing. Ack! Ick! Help!!!!



She had puffy oven pancakes with berries and bacon…in bed, of course!

IMG_3733 2 IMG_3734 IMG_3737 2


We were taking care of our little friend, Haylee after her Mom’s tubing accident. Haylee is like part of the family, so it was fun to have her around for Tasha’s birthday!

IMG_3742 2


Tasha requested dinner out at Denny’s and she was thrilled with her free sundae! Yum!

Tasha had just a few friends for her actual party…her two besties were out of state, but she had a good time nonetheless…She requested no presents, but either $$ or goods for our local animal shelter.

IMG_9012 (1)


Her doggie and kitty cupcakes

IMG_9011 (1) IMG_9010 (1)


We played some silly games like unwrap the gift, name the baby animal and more. It was a little subdued for some reason this year, but they still had fun.



Make a wish!

IMG_9016 (1)


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