Anyone looking to make a good drama?

About a week after we returned from Mesa Verde, Mom told me that my Uncle was terminally ill. Ammon and I decided that the kids and I should accompany her to Canada. So, in two days time, I booked plan tickets, hotels, a car, planned other accommodations and activities. I even booked a riding lesson with my incredible riding teacher from my youth. Although, we were going for a sad reason, we were looking forward to seeing family and taking the kids to see some things they’d heard about so many times.

Mom wasn’t feeling very well before we left, but we thought it was the flu…

IMG_4021 (1)


We stopped to eat on the way to Denver..Look at the size of this burrito!!!!

Mom was still feeling crummy when we arrived in Littleton, so I dropped the kids to Lee and Ellen’s and took Mom to the emergency room. Mom and I both expected they’d give her an antibiotic and send her home…instead it was emergency surgery for her and a cancelled trip to Canada!

Thankfully, she was ok and is almost back to her normal self now. While we were in Littleton, I decided I had to take the kids and do some fun things, considering they were suddenly told they were being whisked off to Canada and then-boom! Just kidding!



.99 Pancake stacks at IHOP! Then we hit a movie at the dollar theater

IMG_4036 IMG_4035 IMG_4034 IMG_4032


We also made a trip to the Denver Temple to tour the beautiful grounds. And we may have stopped by Krispy Kreme donuts afterwards and had a few…(and watched how they make donuts!)

We also went swimming and drove by their new schools and the local rec center  so they could be more familiar with them when we move there in the spring.

Finally, the day before school started, Mom was released from the hospital and was well enough to travel home.

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