Labor Day Parade & Rodeo

Every year, our town has a parade and fair/rodeo and we look forward to it! This year was no different. Excepting that this year, we actually participated..We raised four cute, but stinky bunnies for a month and Annika entered the “Mutton Bustin’ “ contest. For those of you who don’t know what “Mutton Bustin’ “ is, ‘cause goodness knows I didn’t before I moved to ranching land…it’s only for kids and they basically cling to a sheep for dear life for as long as they can. The one who holds on the longest wins. Annika didn’t hold on the longest, but it sure was fun to watch! I have video, but no photos…



Waiting for the parade to start

IMG_4067 IMG_4069


Big clown, little car!



Our cute little cowgirl!



Our decorated mutton buster/rabbit raiser (Kevin and Tasha raised the bunnies too, but Annika wanted to have a picture)



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