Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde is a National Park that was built around thousands of ancient cliff dwellings that were inhabited by the ancient Puebloans. They lived there until the 1300’s and then most moved towards New Mexico. They built their homes in the cliffs as protection from enemies. They would grow crops on top of the mesas and lower themselves into their dwellings with rope ladders. I learned more, but remembering it is challenging. =)



There were tons of cliff dwellings to visit, but the largest and most impressive ones were tour-only. We decided to visit the Balcony House. Here you see Tasha getting ready to climb the 30 foot wooden ladder up the cliff to get inside…



Fearless girls! Neither one had any difficulty climbing up with a huge drop below them.



We made it! We’re waiting our turn to squeeze through the tunnel.



This was a storage room for corn and other grains that they would keep in reserve.



That’s where we climbed…I won’t lie…my legs felt like rubber climbing up there!



Annika is standing by a kiva. They’re where the adults would sit and talk and meditate. There was usually a roof covering the kiva where the children would play while the adults talked.



This was Spruce Tree House, one of the less elaborate dwellings, but still pretty awesome to think that this was made with bare hands and homemade tools.

After a hot day in the sun, with lots of walking, we were ready to cool off. We went to a local swimming pool and played until we were hungry. We discovered this super yummy Mexican restaurant…



This taco salad was monstrous and this girl polished it off-no sweat!



On the way home, we stopped to have a picnic and happened to be right by the Silverton-Durango train just in time to see it start it’s route and hear the whistle blow!

Such a fun, tiring weekend!

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