Miscellaneous Summer Fun!

Annika did her annual swimming lessons at the local hot springs pool. It was fun as always. I tried to get a good photo or video of her, but it was pretty tricky.  I did get a photo of the most beautiful day after lessons when the kids were playing at park behind the pool.



Sigh…Heaven, right here.



The hot springs also has a turtle and fish pond and you can feed the critters. We were feeding them when we noticed one rogue turtle heading for the exit. As we walked over to see him, he turned and “ran” towards the pond, doing a dramatic belly flop with a large splash! We got it all on video, but I need to figure out how to upload videos on here so I can share!



Ew! We saw this hairy, bug covered dude at the local state park where we had gathered for a kids birthday party. Let’s just say we scared him far away from the party.

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