These are roads at about 6 am the morning after Christmas..We were planning to head to Littleton for Julina’s engagement party, but we had gotten over a foot of snow and didn’t want to deal with accidents and delays. So, we left at 2:30AM!



Rocky was pretty cramped at the kids feet, so he was pretty thrilled to take a break on Mom’s lap. All 75lbs of him =)


Now, THAT’S a plate of nachos! The girls chowing down at Casa Bonita.



We had a great three day mini-vacation with the Mannings/Narayans. We fit a lot in a short time too. We went to Julina and Nathan’s Party, went shopping, to see the new Star Wars movie, had some girls time/boys time and my favorite, all three couples stayed up and talked till almost the wee hours of the morning! SO FUN!



Yes, we all froze our behinds off, but it had been a long time since ALL of us had been together, so we had to get a photo!

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