Getting Ready for Christmas



We spent a day running errands together and doing some Christmas shopping. Annika was pretty excited about her Rudolph pancake from Denny’s!



Our favorite little town, Ouray is about 20 min away and is really the reason we moved here. We’ve been here for 5 winters and had no idea that each year they hold a cute little festival called “Light up Ouray”. It’s nothing fancy…the local shops are open late and they have caroling around the tree, with goodies and hot chocolate and cider. It was just the kids and I and it was FREEZING, but we had a super fun time browsing the shops and eating too much sugar =)



Oh boy…after spending 75 minutes getting the tree up and lit, the poor, patient children finally got to decorate it! They were such good sports with a very frustrated Mommy. I’ve wanted to buy pretty ornaments that have a coordinated color scheme for years, but haven’t done it and every year I put up the tree, I remember why I haven’t. As I looked at the tree, I saw all the ornaments the kids had made, Ammon and I had made when we were kids and others that family members had made for us. There are so many memories on this tree. Even when I do eventually do a “pretty” tree, I’ll have to always have a kid tree to preserve the wonderful memories!


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