Tasha was soooooo excited to get contacts. She had been waiting for this day. And finally, it was here…



It was a long few weeks while she learned to get them in and out without taking hours, but she finally got it and now she’s a pro. Except…she doesn’t wear them. They’re not her exact prescription because supposedly they don’t make them quite strong enough, but we’re doing a little more research on that and hope to see these beautiful eyes out in the open more often!


Labor Day Parade & Rodeo

Every year, our town has a parade and fair/rodeo and we look forward to it! This year was no different. Excepting that this year, we actually participated..We raised four cute, but stinky bunnies for a month and Annika entered the “Mutton Bustin’ “ contest. For those of you who don’t know what “Mutton Bustin’ “ is, ‘cause goodness knows I didn’t before I moved to ranching land…it’s only for kids and they basically cling to a sheep for dear life for as long as they can. The one who holds on the longest wins. Annika didn’t hold on the longest, but it sure was fun to watch! I have video, but no photos…



Waiting for the parade to start

IMG_4067 IMG_4069


Big clown, little car!



Our cute little cowgirl!



Our decorated mutton buster/rabbit raiser (Kevin and Tasha raised the bunnies too, but Annika wanted to have a picture)



Back to School 2015/2016!

It was a whirlwind getting ready for school, since we arrived home a few hours before bedtime and they started school the next day, but somehow it all worked out!

IMG_9023 IMG_9022


Second Grade!



Fourth Grade



Tasha and her best friend, Phoebe on their first day of sixth grade, which here means…MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!! AHHHHHHH. (Tasha’s glasses broke, so they look a little thick in the middle)

Anyone looking to make a good drama?

About a week after we returned from Mesa Verde, Mom told me that my Uncle was terminally ill. Ammon and I decided that the kids and I should accompany her to Canada. So, in two days time, I booked plan tickets, hotels, a car, planned other accommodations and activities. I even booked a riding lesson with my incredible riding teacher from my youth. Although, we were going for a sad reason, we were looking forward to seeing family and taking the kids to see some things they’d heard about so many times.

Mom wasn’t feeling very well before we left, but we thought it was the flu…

IMG_4021 (1)


We stopped to eat on the way to Denver..Look at the size of this burrito!!!!

Mom was still feeling crummy when we arrived in Littleton, so I dropped the kids to Lee and Ellen’s and took Mom to the emergency room. Mom and I both expected they’d give her an antibiotic and send her home…instead it was emergency surgery for her and a cancelled trip to Canada!

Thankfully, she was ok and is almost back to her normal self now. While we were in Littleton, I decided I had to take the kids and do some fun things, considering they were suddenly told they were being whisked off to Canada and then-boom! Just kidding!



.99 Pancake stacks at IHOP! Then we hit a movie at the dollar theater

IMG_4036 IMG_4035 IMG_4034 IMG_4032


We also made a trip to the Denver Temple to tour the beautiful grounds. And we may have stopped by Krispy Kreme donuts afterwards and had a few…(and watched how they make donuts!)

We also went swimming and drove by their new schools and the local rec center  so they could be more familiar with them when we move there in the spring.

Finally, the day before school started, Mom was released from the hospital and was well enough to travel home.

Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde is a National Park that was built around thousands of ancient cliff dwellings that were inhabited by the ancient Puebloans. They lived there until the 1300’s and then most moved towards New Mexico. They built their homes in the cliffs as protection from enemies. They would grow crops on top of the mesas and lower themselves into their dwellings with rope ladders. I learned more, but remembering it is challenging. =)



There were tons of cliff dwellings to visit, but the largest and most impressive ones were tour-only. We decided to visit the Balcony House. Here you see Tasha getting ready to climb the 30 foot wooden ladder up the cliff to get inside…



Fearless girls! Neither one had any difficulty climbing up with a huge drop below them.



We made it! We’re waiting our turn to squeeze through the tunnel.



This was a storage room for corn and other grains that they would keep in reserve.



That’s where we climbed…I won’t lie…my legs felt like rubber climbing up there!



Annika is standing by a kiva. They’re where the adults would sit and talk and meditate. There was usually a roof covering the kiva where the children would play while the adults talked.



This was Spruce Tree House, one of the less elaborate dwellings, but still pretty awesome to think that this was made with bare hands and homemade tools.

After a hot day in the sun, with lots of walking, we were ready to cool off. We went to a local swimming pool and played until we were hungry. We discovered this super yummy Mexican restaurant…



This taco salad was monstrous and this girl polished it off-no sweat!



On the way home, we stopped to have a picnic and happened to be right by the Silverton-Durango train just in time to see it start it’s route and hear the whistle blow!

Such a fun, tiring weekend!

Weekend Adventures

We tried to cross as many things off of our summer bucket list as possible since this was going to be our last Sunday in this part of Colorado. One of them included going to Animas Forks, an old Ghost town…



We’d taken the kids here before, but they were pretty little so they didn’t remember much. They were pretty fascinated with this little deserted town this time around.



Inside one of the original structures.



After spending some time exploring, we went in the town of Silverton and visited the local candy shop (reinforcements for the road!) and headed for our camp site in Mancos, Co.

IMG_3974 IMG_3977


Dinner time! It was a beautiful camping area that surrounded a reservoir.

IMG_3989 IMG_3991


Time to get some rest so we can explore Mesa Verde (cliff dwellings of the ancient Puebloans)



Spontaneous Trip to Ouray

One Friday in early August, we were supposed to go camping but the weather wasn’t cooperating. Instead, we decided to mark an item off of our bucket list-a mine tour! Because the weather was a little gray, we were the only ones there for a tour. We all thoroughly enjoyed our tour of the Bachelor-Syracuse Mine which was a silver mine for over 100 years. Our guide was very knowledgable and appreciated our children’s silly humor.





The light at the end of the tunnel 😉



Kevin and Annika found a pal!



Panning for gold…we found some fools gold and some quartz

All that hard work gold panning made us hungry, so we headed to a local hamburger joint, which has THE best, juiciest burgers ever! “Maggie’s Deli”. Sorry…no picture, I was hungry!

IMG_8955 IMG_3934 IMG_3935 IMG_8973 IMG_8975


I’d been wanting to visit Yankee Boy Basin for weeks. It’s one of the most beautiful valley’s, filled with wildflowers and two waterfalls. The prime time to go is really mid-July, but we had’t made it up there. So, we thought, why not!?

To end a pretty perfect day, we hit a local chocolatier for some truffles and there maybe have been some dancing in the rain =)

Happy Birthday to Annika!

Our littlest turned 7 on July 28th! Breakfast in bed, party in the park, a trip to the ice cream shop and mac n cheese for dinner!



A new baby!



New jammies for Annika and baby, oh and a new stroller to drive baby “Jenny” around!

IMG_3921 IMG_3924


Party! And snuggles with Dad! =)