Kevin’s Obscene/Inappropriate Kindergarten Poem

Hmmm…what do they teach these kids at school anyways? Kevin came across a poem he wrote in Kindergarten and the more we read it, the funnier it became!

Just for the record, Kevin didn’t know what a beer was in Kindergarten and I’m about 99% positive that his teacher didn’t proof-read it!


In case the font is too small for your eyes…

“A Moos is big like a beer

W with his oms in the eer.

A Moos is sloe like a snank,

He like to swim in the lank.

A Moos ets his weed like a rabit

hel ets a scrabt.

A Moos is steek like a skunk,

and the skunk, smell y like a plunk.

A Moos is jentl like a penes side,

and Moos ceride.”

WOW! Spell-check did not like that poem of Kevin’s! But I hope you enjoyed it and had a good laugh. Thankfully, Kevin is a good sport and understands that everyone comes up with some interesting things in Kindergarten =)

February Fun…so far


This was one of my favorite storybooks from my childhood that I saved for my kids. My parents always did voices for each character, so naturally, I’ve continued the tradition!


Maple-Bacon cupcakes: Maple spice cake with maple cream buttercream and maple-glazed bacon. Ammon and I were headed to a couples valentines dinner at church and we had chosen a mystery ingredient ahead time. I unknowingly picked maple and had always wanted to try out this flavor combo. Let’s just say, I’ll be making them again! I had person after person come up to me and rave about them!

January Catch-Up!

January was relatively uneventful. I spent most of my time fixing up things around the house to get it all prepped to sell. Ammon worked and studied…par for the course!

Not to say we didn’t have any fun though =)


Poor Rocky, trying to veer off the trail to be the leader! He quickly learned to stay in our tracks!


Ammon and I went snowshoeing twice this month. We had a few major snowstorms, which accumulated the snow up to about three feet in some places. Let’s just say we got a good workout breaking trail!