Kevin’s Obscene/Inappropriate Kindergarten Poem

Hmmm…what do they teach these kids at school anyways? Kevin came across a poem he wrote in Kindergarten and the more we read it, the funnier it became!

Just for the record, Kevin didn’t know what a beer was in Kindergarten and I’m about 99% positive that his teacher didn’t proof-read it!


In case the font is too small for your eyes…

“A Moos is big like a beer

W with his oms in the eer.

A Moos is sloe like a snank,

He like to swim in the lank.

A Moos ets his weed like a rabit

hel ets a scrabt.

A Moos is steek like a skunk,

and the skunk, smell y like a plunk.

A Moos is jentl like a penes side,

and Moos ceride.”

WOW! Spell-check did not like that poem of Kevin’s! But I hope you enjoyed it and had a good laugh. Thankfully, Kevin is a good sport and understands that everyone comes up with some interesting things in Kindergarten =)

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