Spring Break

Yes, I know..No posts in two months. That’s because all I’ve been doing is working on getting this silly house ready to sell. We really haven’t done much at all! We also haven’t taken any pictures because we haven’t been doing anything!

However, Spring Break was just a few weeks ago and despite my not feeling well, we took a quick trip out of town to visit the Grandparents and some friends.


Pre-trip snuggles with our big lap doggie. Is 75 lbs too big to be a lap dog? Hmmm


Tasha had to make the cinnamon rolls for general conference this year because Mom wasn’t feeling so hot. She did a great job! Every (but me) enjoyed them. =)

Ok, onto Spring Break photos:


We went to the Butterfly Pavillion (finally) and met some critters other than butterflies! This is Rosie the Tarantula that Annika is holding.


This part of the facility was my favorite. You walk into a rainforest, with different colored butterflies fluttering everywhere! I could’ve stayed there all day (had I felt better).

IMG_4612 2

Yes, that butterfly is real!

IMG_4609 2

And this one too!




This is the Owl butterfly, of which there seemed to be many.


The owl butterflies really liked Lee. Maybe they know he likes birds and since they’re “owl” butterflies….?


18 free Krispy Kreme donuts for getting A’s on their report cards.
Yes, Krispy Kreme gives out free donuts for A’s…take your report card (or your kids report card in today!)


We took our donuts to visit my bestie from college, Kylene and her honey, Jeremy and their kiddos. I was finally feeling better at this point, so we got some good visiting in.

Kevin enjoyed his little techy shadow, Isaac! Isn’t he cute?!


The kids needed to run off some steam, so we hit the park.  They played hard, while we chatted and chatted and chatted.


Another day, we took the kids to the coolest park in Castle Rock. They had contraptions to play on that I’ve never seen and the kids could’ve played all day.



So while I started out our trip wondering why on earth I was going, we all ended up having a super time and I’m back to my normal self. Yay!