Happy New Year 2017

The day Mom left, my Dad came to visit for a few days. We made the most of our visit with breakfast at a local diner, shopping for the kids Christmas presents (from their AZ Papa!) and playing lots of games. Oh, and eating. Oh and did I mention….eating!

There were also pillow fights, tickle fights and an epic hour-long nerf-gun war that helped us wear off all that food 🙂

Such a fun visit! So glad you came Dad!

Merry Christmas 2016

Mom joined us for 8 days and we had lots of fun baking and shopping and playing.



We didn’t have any fun at all!

Tackle Santa!

The perfect gift for this Mama! 4 lbs of Belgian dark chocolate-yes please!!!

Even Rocky was festive and loved being a part of the celebration

What a hot Santa!

Group hug! (Kevin is in there somewhere;) ) This was a thank you for all the fun Canadian food Grammy brought for us to enjoy.

December Happenings…other than Christmas

This Santa was the most authentic Santa I’ve ever seen! He was awesome! He was at the younger two’s school for a craft day.

Disney on Ice! I’ve never been and always wanted to go. I happened to win tickets through a local radio station, so the kids and I enjoyed an entertaining evening of skating, fireworks, bubbles and snow! It was pretty amazing!

We made and decorated our annual gingerbread house. We always just smother the whole thing in frosting. That way it’s faster to decorate, and keeps the gingerbread from getting too crunchy to eat.

Someone looked pretty handsome laying by the tree

Happy Birthday to me! We went to the Texas Roadhouse Grill for my birthday, which is one of my favorite restaurants. I love their rolls and their ribs!

This guy is the best! He made sure to make my birthday special.

Kylene and I have been besties since college. I’m so grateful that we live close enough that we can get together frequently. She took me to breakfast for my birthday and then we did a little power-shopping.

My little cookie helper!

Pretty Christmas angel

Christmas-y Sunday pic

Santa’s cute helper

Cute little santa girl

What a good sport!


O Christmas Tree

We got rid of our $15 thrifted artificial Christmas tree before we moved from Ridgway, so we opted for a real tree this year. It had been 11 years since the last one and we were looking forward to it.

This is the one! Great Noble Fir. Wow, did it smell amazing!

Even Rocky got to come to our tree picking!


Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Ammon’s parents hosted Thanksgiving this year and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves; eating, playing and shopping!

Every gathering must include a massive wrestling-tickle-fight with Uncle Arvin!

Pokemon time!

Way more yummy food than my tummy could hold, but oh so good! 

Cousin-bonding 21st century-style 😉

Fall Update-Part 2

Happy Birthday to Ammon! He requested the limiest key lime pie I could make. So that’s what he got! It was pretty limey, but the sweetened crust and whipping cream offset the sour perfectly.

Isn’t this pure joy, right here?! We don’t have trees in our yard, but our neighbors trees provided plenty of leaves to play in!

Rocky thought it was pretty nice of Ammon’s Dad, Lee, to bring him loads of firewood so that he could strip the bark off.

Congratulations to Kevin who earned the highest rank for a cub scout-the Arrow of Light award! So proud of him!!

Rocky sits in as a music stand…

Halloween Adventures

Pumpkin carving extravaganza!

We dressed up for our church halloween party, but the kids wore the same costumes on halloween.

Recycled Cleopatra costume!

Teenage mutant ninja turtles are back!

Our little spy-Annika went trick or treating THREE times this year. At our church halloween party, on halloween night and at a local assisted-living home.

Watch out! Kevin-ninja is coming to get you!

1985 anyone?

Us grown-ups dressed up for the church halloween party, as did the kids. But, the kids got double-duty out of their costumes since they wore them trick or treating as well.

Happy 11th Birthday, Kevin!


Kevin and his pals went to a trampoline park and had a blast!


Twix cheesecake-yum!

We’re so grateful to have Kevin as our son. He’s smart and funny, but also so considerate and helpful when he’s needed. AND, he loves to snuggle! (my favorite)