February Update

February was full of fun! We celebrated Valentine’s Day with a yummy, indulgent breakfast:

Chocolate-chip  pancakes (white flour) with whipped cream, strawberries and BACON!!! Yum! 

In the evening, I made homemade chili-mac, which the kids all love and we rushed off to see “Trolls” at the local dollar theater.

Tasha’s best friends, Phoebe & Lily came to visit for an evening in a crazy snowstorm. I claim them as my other two daughters! They’re kindest, most loving, fun girls and they fit right into our silly family. (case in point: the photo above)

For Christmas, we bought the kids these Chick-fil-A calendars which include a card that allows you one specified free item at their restaurant each month. One morning we took the kids for breakfast and they enjoyed their yogurt parfaits and played in the play area, which they had all to theirselves.


My Christmas present from Ammon was a gift card to The Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant I’ve wanted to try for 12 years! We went a week after Valentines Day and were not disappointed. Above is the incredible bacon, jalapeƱo, gruyere fondue; one of the four courses that we indulged ourselves in. Seriously, this place is a dining experience not to be missed. 

At the end of the month, the kids had a blast with their cousins who came to stay with us for the weekend. There was lots of electronics and crafting going on. I’m so glad we live closer enough for these sweet kids to get together. They have so much fun!


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