March Update

The month of March was a lovely summer surprise. We enjoyed summer weather most of the month; taking advantage of it with lots of walks & visits to the dog park. The kids went for bike rides, played at the closest park and looked for garter snakes.

I was cleaning out the back of my car (which desperately needed it, as you can see) and Rocky decided that we were going for a ride. I tried to explain to him that it wasn’t what he thought…but he stubbornly decided to stay put while I cleaned 

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a rainbow in the clouds like this…it wasn’t an arc shape and didn’t touch the ground. It was just like a rainbow cloud. It was THE coolest thing!

Free pancake day at IHOP. We had an early dinner

This girl is the only one who finished her giant stack of pancakes!!!

One Friday night, we hit Ikea for dinner and some fun. After dinner, Annika hung out in the kids play center while the older two walked through the showroom with us. They oo-ed and ah-ed over all the fun furniture and things they saw.

Tasha found her dream bedroom! A huge california king bed; all in white and turquoise. 

A Mommy-daughter date to the Container Store, Pet Smart and to get her ears re-pierced. Tasha hadn’t been to the Container Store before and was in her organizing glory. She loves, loves, loves to organize things and couldn’t get enough of all the pretty matching containers and such. Fun day!

Yay Tasha! Too bad I was in the midst of planning a big church activity that day and totally forgot about the ceremony! Thankfully, a friend texted me a photo of Tasha with this certificate and I hurried my booty over to the school and took Tasha out for frozen yogurt to celebrate.

We tried a local place. Yum! I veered away from my usual chocolate-y choices and went tropical with a caramelized pineapple and coconut yogurt topped with fruit. It was pretty amazing.



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