March Update-Part 2

This guy was pooped after working 16 hour days for three weeks. Daddy’s girl took advantage of his napping for a snuggle.

Who needs to go to California or Arizona to vacation in the warmth? Not us Coloradans! We basked in the sunshine and 70 & 80 degree weather for most of the month and it was heavenly. 

I decided that the kiddos needed a wider repertoire of culinary skills. We’re going to work on that. They can make mac n cheese and grilled cheese and Tasha can make a few more things…So, here’s Kevin trying out his pancake-making skills. He did it all himself, start to finish.

Here’s our own little tiny dancer. She didn’t love ballet, but does love to dance. We’ve enrolled her in a combined dance class in April that integrates jazz, hip-hop, ballet and lyrical dance. I think she’ll love it!

This is Cindy Lou-hoo’s older, more beautiful sister Tashy Boo-boo. Isn’t she a doll?! 😉

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